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Smile in your worst to make it your best

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My Story

I started my education from a village school, yes you are absolutely right, a school with least infrastructure and basic facilities. By the end of 1st std. I moved to Himachal Pradesh where I got enrolled in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Yes .. It was first time I was exposed to a room called as classroom 😮. Being a calm and quiet guy I restricted myself to myself and thus had nothing to do other than studying the books. Slowly things changed, friends, games and studying together made me something different. With being topper of the class I was also part of Kho-Kho team at district level and was also selected long and high jump with short distance athletes.  I also had good exposure to the on stage performance, either as debater or actor or as a singer ( sorry just for one day 😀, but yes it was during a group song. ).  Later in the 9th I moved to central India (Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh ) and then for higher education to South India.

I completed my Doctor of Pharmacy and got my first job offer during my study. Eris lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. was my first company, with responsibility of a product manager. Later I moved to Rajiv Gandhi Universities of Health Sciences, Bangalore, where I worked with hospital admin, disease management and patient care. During my term with RGUHS as research guide and statistics, I guided more than 50 projects (in my 4 years term). In 2018 I got a chance to work with the Research Center under Punjab Technical University as Academic head and Research guide. In a very short duration of 4 months with the research center, I was the guide of the thesis for Masters of Clinical research under PTU, which counts 4 in number. Later I moved to IIIT, Bangalore and completed my specialization in Data Science. With interest in computer programming it was really a great experience , while going through the project in artificial intelligence. 

However, I was working with AI prediction and data analysis for 3 years. I started my journey in deep learning and AI with Voziq AI, followed by my current company Trigyn Technologies Ltd. as Software Engineer. 

Is it going to be a boring life ... right ? Noo.. I really love to do shayari and if you ask about quotes... I have already available quotes in my mind 😂🤣… And Yes Always Keep Smiling to make you smile 😊😊

😊I believe your smile is most precious, so I request you to hold it under your nose.😊 

Respect cannot be an occasion to celebrate,
It should be style to felicitate goodness.

तू तू रहे, मैं मैं रहूँ ,
साथ हो हम तो, बस हम रहें ॥
बस यही काफी है
तेरा मेरा, और मेरा तेरा होने के लिए ।।

आपकी भरी आँखों को देख ,
हमारी आंखे बेसुध हो गई ।
हसीन हुई मन की वादियाँ ,
जब हमने होंठों की मुस्कुराहट को देखा ।।

If you feel it is wrong
It is wrong
even if you do that

आसमां के बादलों ने आज फिर अपनी मौजूदगी दर्ज की है,
लगता है आज फिर कहीं जल-समूहों ने अपनी पहचान खोई है ,
जिस ताप ने मजबूर किया उनको बदलने को,
आज फिर उन्ही को मिटाने की रण छिड़ी है ।

Never-ending Love, Does not have any Cause
Nothing exist in this world without any cause.

Independency, empowerment,
privacy, self respect or
my life my rule
can not be
an escape door to cheat someone.

The strongest competitor of yours is
You yourself.
Who knows each and every weakness of yours

अक्सर हम तक़दीर को कोसते हैं,
अपने बुरे वक्त के लिए ।
रंग आसमां का कुछ और ही होता है,
बदलती तस्वीर के लिए।।

Diwali is not just a festival; it is message to all of us,
It is message to gain the confidence in our worst,
It is sign of human realization in this virtual world.
It is occasion of kindness in return of harshness,
It is victory of humanity.

Dynamicity of your life,
Is best representation of flexibility in it.

Holi is not just a festival of colors, It represents our life,
With all ups and downs, some colors you like, some not,
But you have to face all while you are in celebration.
It makes us realize that life is also like colorful celebration,
If you are part of it you have to face both colors.
Now its your call either you want to live the life Or drag the life