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Global Child Mortality Rate - UNICEF

An interactive Tableau visualization to represent the child mortality rate.

October 3, 2021

Global Child Mortality Rate - UNICEF

Global Child Mortality Rate - UNICEF

Child mortality can be defined as death of child below 5 years of age and Child mortality rate, also can be referred as under five mortality rate, is death of child in between birth and exactly five years of age calculated per 1,000 live births. Mortality rate of child have many reasons some of them are malnutrition, poor maternal care, communicable or infectious disease transmission and many more. As child is future manpower / human force of a country, it can have high impact on social upliftment. 

Child mortality rate of any country is direct indication of its strategy for maternal care. Increased child mortality can have direct impact on future human force / manpower of a country.


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