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Unwrapping New Year Resolution....

Our resolution should be mirror image of
our inner determination.
Else it is merely a bunch of words.

January 1, 2023

Unwrapping New Year Resolution....

Unwrapping New Year Resolution....

It is 2023 , and most of us are still just wondering what is new, how actually it is going to be. In between all these stupid confusions, most of us are planning to control the non-controllable element of this universe that is future. We are planning to have some promise to ourselves, we can say we are planning to give a statement or in 🤟 yo-yo 🤟 term it will not wrong to say we are putting a resolution. 💪

Which is going to control the best part of your life. It is going to decide what actually you are going to do in future, it is going to tell you that what actually is going to happen in your life and that is the point to where you realize that whatever you have decided to do is not actually going to happen as it is not what we say. A resolution is not actually the resolution it is just a bunch of word which is going to tell you that you want to do this, which never means that this is going to happen.

We should understand that the resolution is not just a bunch of word it is something more than that, it is something more than what you can imagine it should be your inner determination to do that thing. Your resolution should be what you are determining or what you are planning actually to do in your future. It is not just a promise or a just a hi-fi word. It should be simple and should be part of the daily standard of your life.

What I have seen many people do the resolution, that I will be person with monthly salary of 1,00,000 or 2,00,000. Now this case his determination is not actually resolution or determination, As it is not what he wants, it is what he wants achieve because of others. Your determination should not be dependent other's determination. You are not into the determination you are going into the competition and competition never make you a person with a firm determination because in the competition we are not moving as we want, here we move as my competitor is acting. We are changing ourselves as competitor.

So your resolution should not be a part of a competition this should be full determination from your eternal feeling. Determine what you want but never be a victim of the determination of others.

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