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 Programming Hands for Analytical Forecast

in Association with

Center for Health Education, Awareness Resources and Services 



1. What is Schedule of Internship ?

Session 1 : Understanding The Terminologies (Day 1 to Day 21) - (Common for all)

Session 2 : Conducting the Research - 50 Days - ( Domain Specific - Guides will be allotted. You need to discuss with them and decide topic)​

Session 3 : Analyzing the data - 15 Days - ( Domain Specific)

Publication of Study*

2. Who all are eligible ?

Any one who have completed their Bachelor's Degree or Perusing.

Have a interest in research.

3. Either PharmD are eligible ?

PharmD after 3rd Year onwards are advisable. However anyone can apply if they feel they can handle the internship duties.

4. Either B.Com/IT/Mass Communication professionals can join.

As told it is domain specific , professionals rom any domain can be part. 

Research is sector applicable in all field irrespective to the domain. Everywhere we have community or the institutional study / survey / observational study which is basically a type of research.

5. Either there is publication at the end of study ?

Yes researchers can publish their study but publication charge (If any) will be given by the researcher and should mention the allotted guide name at the end of author list. However assistance will be provided to search the journals to publish.

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