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Are you defining your life ?

A 4 alphabet word has so much hidden meanings, so much hidden dreams, so much expectations, so much integration, so much dependencies, so much acceptance, so much compromise, so much tolerance so much pain and so much joy.

We always appreciate the things which like and discourage the part which is against our likes. Unfortunately we can’t do this in case of life. Because most of the time we will be confused that either I should like it or not.

Life will never give you chance to fit it in one definition or criteria.

If you say – Life is an experience – I will say yes I agree.

If you say – life is learning – I will say yes I agree

If you say – Life is lesson – Again my answer will be yes.

If you say – life is predictive – My answer will be yes.

If you say – Life is logical – Again I will be yes.

If you say – Life is pain – I will say yes.

If you say – Life is joy – I will say no doubt.

Life itself is an immortal entity.

It was before your existence and will remain after your extinction. So you are not defining it. It is defining you. And that is reason you can not control it. It is controlling you.

Before your existence it was in form of your parents and their ancestors, with you, you got added in it and after you, it will be defined by. Your future generation. So it is totally defined by your past and your future. You are just a part of that series. Neither you have created it nor you have power to destroy it. The control you have is just restricted to a small part of that long series of life.

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