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Heavy Food and Workout : Is it advisable in COVID-19 pandemic?

With time COVID has increased its intensity to infect.

There are many factors which influence the survival rate in this pandemic. From all those 3 factors are really important to take care.

  1. Immunity

  2. Physical Health

  3. Mental Health

Immunity :

We have lots of online resources to tell that which all stuffs are good to boost our immunity. Here I am not going to discuss that which all stuffs are good to boost immunity. I am going to discuss How we can assist our body to strengthen our immunity.

  • Avoid Intense Exercise : Doing workout or we can say intense workout may be good for maintaining your physical health but its not advisable in current scenario. Our body needs a huge amount of energy to build immunity, and in current scenario it will not be a wise decision to waste energy in burning our fat. So having mild walk is advisable.

  • Take Adequate Sleep : Either you are diagnosed or not , having proper sleep is always advisable. Sleeping time provides a no activity window for body to repair the wear and tear caused internally during day time. It will also help in strengthening the immunity.

  • Avoid Heavy Food : Our body needs energy even to digest the food. Taking heavy food will lead to wastage of energy in digestion rather than strengthening the immunity. Avoid Non-Veg and move for veg. In veg avoid heavy meals like whole grains, rajama and all. However these are good source of protein but if we see the risk and benefit chances are more to get risk. Avoid Shahi Paneer like dishes, or fried stuffs. Avoid processed foods. Maintain your diet to as simple as you can with all required nutrients. Paneer if you really love better have it fresh and raw with pinch of salt on it. Any food which causes indigestion to you or leading to gastric issue, should be avoided.

Physical Health :

  • A mild exercise is compulsory for about 45 to an hour.

  • It is very important to keep your body active so that it will strengthen the immunity.

  • Avoid heavy fat intake as you are not advised to have heavy workout.

  • Prevent gaining weight. Obese people are more prone to get infected.

  • Never skip meals. Maintain it.

Mental Health :

  1. Avoid News : Avoid watching news of corona. If really interested to know , better is to have some time on reading news in google news. Visual and sound effects of news are leading cause for mental disturbance in this pandemic.

  2. Avoid being alone : Better to have a group of people / friends / family to talk and share. Loneness may lead to mental stress.

  3. Avoid Stress : Stress has shown the direct relation with infection. With increase in stress chances of getting situation worse also becomes high.

  4. Avoid Negative People : Avoid those who always have negativity in their mind. Slowly wit time it will infect your mind and you may go in depression.

  5. Have Smile :) : Having smile and being happy is the best way to have a good time with your near and dear ones as well as with yourself.

  6. Keep Engaged : Keep yourself engaged in some work which you love. It will not let your mind think anything negative.

However we care all, but still many times we face many mental issues. We have lots of pain to share. We have lots of stuffs to tell, but we cant. Remember one thing if there is problem, there will be solution. Only we need to change our approach to get that solution.

Having a smile is best medicine. Watch comedy or romantic movies, or one which you love, avoid horror or thriller or suspense, as these will cause stress, which is not good in current scenario.

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