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COVID-19 : Should we scare or aware or dare ?

It is going to pass about an year since we got attack of health threat "COVID-19". Even after an year of struggle the status is almost same. We are still struggling, we are still scared and we are still hoping that some miracle will happen and we will be back on our earlier track and our lifestyle will get normal. But with this hope we have fear also that either it will end or not.

Lets have a glance on this virus and its attacking strategy.

Virus is like any other virus. Outside living body inactive and inside it becomes active. That means if we prevent the entry of virus in our body we are safe. But that is the biggest question, how to prevent its entry in our body ? Almost impractical !!!

Next is if we fail to do so ?? Which is normal. It is really impractical to prevent virus to enter in your body, while you are working in public place or in group of people. That means all of us has already have inhaled virus at least once. Still many are not hospitalized. Still many of us are still fine and healthy( touch wood ). Why so ? It is because to become pathogenic, any entity needs to reach its threshold level. That means virus needs to attain some level of concentration to become pathogenic. It clearly means that if we get exposed to less amount of virus it may not be harmful for us. But our body may start reacting to it, and slowly with small amount of multiple exposure, our body may develop immunity against it. Which will make our body capable to tolerate the high exposure. So this concludes that closing yourself behind the door will make you more vulnerable rather than protecting you. But getting exposed to the COVID-19 patient directly is also not good option. That means Mask and Social distancing will slowly make us capable to tolerate this health threat. So let have is as another solution - Awareness.

Now lets have other scenario , if by mistake we get exposed. Nothing to panic, still game is in your hand. Any living organism needs some time to become pathogenic. Wash your outer body parts as best as you can. now as your are free from virus externally now it is turn to clean it internally. have hot beverages frequently it will clean any entry of virus through oral means. Have steam inhalation to clean nasal pathway. Now virus from your means will reach to stomach where we have natural protector Gastric Acid ( pH ~ 2). As virus is composed of protein and nucleic acid , acid will break it and the elementary components will get utilized by our own body. So make this also as another solution and have on our note as - Prevention.

Unfortunately if someone fails in all these and get infected. Still nothing to panic. As soon you feel yourself in such situation or you get initial sign and symptoms contact your doctor as damage caused by this virus may be irreversible. So better to have alertness in early stage of it. Treatment is mostly on the principle :

  1. Check the impact of infection

  2. Find the damage caused

  3. Prevent worsening of any situation

  4. Boost your immunity to fight with it

And with mercy of God you will be able to walk back to home.

So, as question arose - Should we scare or aware or dare ?

Answer is - We should scare from the virus, make our self aware and dare to do our daily personal and professional duties.

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