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Reduced Child Mortality and Universal Health Care System in Bahrain

The first hospital in Bahrain is the American Mission Hospital. It started in 1893 as a small dispensary but soon become a clinic. And then, with a proper building built, the Mason Memorial Hospital, which was its original name until 1962, was formally inaugurated on 26 January 1903. The first public hospital, and also tertiary hospital, to open in Bahrain was the Salmaniya Medical Complex, in the Salmaniya district of Manama, in 1957. Which was sign for the improving healthcare sector in country. Increasing concern towards the healthcare led to decrease in mortality rate of child.

The Psychiatric Hospital is the only such public hospital in the country. Private hospitals are also present throughout the country, such as the International Hospital of Bahrain.

Bahrain has a universal health care system, dating back to 1960. Government-provided health care is free to Bahraini citizens and subsidized for non-Bahrainis. Healthcare expenditure accounted for 4.5% of Bahrain's GDP, according to the World Health Organization. Bahraini physicians and nurses form a majority of the country's workforce in the health sector, unlike neighboring Gulf states. Increased concern of government towards healthcare sector improved the mortality as well as population of Bahrain.

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