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What do you understand by professionalism ?

Dear All,

Recently started a Channel on Telegram to have broadcast on professional development.

Result of poll conducted in our telegram channel for Professional Journey ( ) shows that we have maximum professionals from 4th year and intern.

Nice so many of you are going to enter in the last academic year of PharmD or standing đŸ§â€â™‚ïžđŸ§â€â™€ïž on the edge of boat PharmD to de-board i.e. in internship.

And with this your tension for the question " What's Next" also starts.

But before thinking for What's Next, my question is .. Are you ready for next ?

Ready means in all way. After study, life is very different from student life.

You get some rights, some duties and lots of responsibilities.

Most of the time we think that if we have knowledge, so that's enough to boost our professional life. But is it so ? NO

Knowledge is just a small factor in bunch of factors which effect our professional carrier. So before I start with discussion on various factors and professional world journey lets have some view , if you don't mind, may I have your view in comment section or also you can personally email on (Click on email address it will redirect you to email me).

Question is - What do you understand by professionalism ?

I want your view not internet answers. It will channelize me to assist you in your professional journey. 😊

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