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Bot was developed with the help of Azure OpenAI GPT to answer the queries from the provided data in blob storage. Policies and legal issues were handled. And bot was tuned with prompts and other parameters.

Image Recognition - Eye for Blind

Machine was trained on given 40k images and then model was built. Images were encoded - Attention model was applied and decoded. Predicted caption was converted to mp3 with the help of gtts.


(RASA and tkinter ) Chatbot will learn the the response by user. -> Process it and then after doing text analysis it will reply back with the appropriate answer.

AI Assistance - Speech recognition

This AI tool will take input from the user and reply back with relevant answer in audio form.


This is python package developed to import basic libraries. Install - pip install pybaseanal

Telecom Churn Prediction - Machine Learning Algorithm

Churning prediction ML model assists the telecom industry to change the strategy towards the churning customers. A huge subscribers drop was noticed by a telecom industry, which led a consolidated loss of ₹ 7,218.2 crore to that telecom giant. Study found that retention is 50% less costly than getting a new customer, which makes flagging of churning customer more crucial.

Python Web Application - Hypertension Status Prediction

Python web application was developed using flask with 70,000 subject data to predict the Hypertension status with the help of demographic and lifestyle details

Global Child Mortality Rate - UNICEF

An interactive Tableau visualization to represent the child mortality rate.

IMDb Movie Analysis - Web Scrapping and Analysis

A web scrapping was done to retrieve the data from IMDB website. It was found that romance genre has been voted the least from the top 1000 voters ,Sci-Fi is the most popular amongst the top 1000 voters.

Gender Inequality in HIV Infections in Adolescents in Sub-Saharan Africa

An interactive Dashboard on Tableau Public to check the trend of HIV infection among 45 countries.

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