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Be companion not Competitor... Need of any relationship.

Relationship doesn't have any space for competition. Be companion rather than competitor.

It is really great if you move with a positivity to gain something new.

It is really great if you become self powered.

But in all self, you should remember that if you are in relationship then there is nothing called mine.

Everything will be ours. Your success , your failure are for all those who are in relationship with you. You should never compete with those with whom you are in relationship.

The time you will start competing with them you will loose the bond of relationship.

A small example..

Your hands can not compete with each other. The time they will do, you will either fail to do work or you will loose one hand. But if both hands are companion then they can do whatever they wish.

Relationship works in same way. The time you will start competing to prove yourself more valuable than your partner you will loose that bond of love , care or trust. Because in competition we focus on our path at any cost.

So if you want to be a competitor then prefer not to get in relationship or else you will spoil your partner's life.

In relationship you can not be richer than your partner or you can not be poorer than your partner. Both will have same situation in relationship. Or else better to be alone.

One thing is great while you are in company of your partner, you can be the best of the best of you both.

But alone you will be the best of yours only.

So .. be companion not competitor... Life will have reason to smile in your worst also.

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