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A New Challenge in This Pandemic : Misuse of Cleaning Products

COVID19 has alarmed all of us, with its increasing number of patients more than 6.8 million. This increasing number have made the general public conscious and it will not bad if I say over conscious. On the call to kill germs, people are trying various methods to overcome the chances of infection. The condition goes worse when there is blind use of sanitizing agent or cleaning agent.

In a study done by CDC among 502 people it was found that cleaning products are getting used as disinfectants / sanitizing agent. Study revealed that 19 % people are using bleach on food materials to disinfect them, while 18% are using household cleaning agent on their skin. About 10% percent said that they have covered themselves with bleach to prevent COVID-19 infection. Result became more terrifying when study revealed that about about 6% have inhaled the cleaning agents and about 4% have ingested or gargled with cleaning agent/disinfectant.

These results from survey has clearly shown that there is lack of awareness among the general public regarding the use of disinfectants / sanitizers / cleaning agent. Misuse of cleaning has led to various health complication.

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