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Article Writing#3 : Methodology to convince the reader.

In my previous article we realized that introduction will give a brief idea to reader about your article...

  • What it is ?

  • What are previous inferences or previous data related to that topic ?

We also learnt How to frame introduction draft.

So we can say in introduction you are not exposing your study or research. You are not telling what's new in your study. You are just focusing to create a background or you can say platform for your study. You can also say it as you are diverting the mindset of reader towards your study or research.

Now once reader is moving with the mindset to know new about what he has read in introduction, it's time to tell him / her about your study.

Before telling about your study it is important to get confidence or trust of reader that you really worked and you followed the correct pathway.

For that you need to tell how you worked and what was your methodology.

Methodology should include following but not restricted to following :

  1. Type of study

  2. Site of study

  3. Size of study

  4. Inclusion and exclusion criteria

  5. Any consent required

  6. Any ethical approval required

  7. Confidentiality statement

  8. Data collection tools

  9. Data collection methodology

  10. Data documentation tool

  11. Data analysis methodology

  12. Reporting methodology

and so on..... Any other information if available regarding methodology.

All of these should be framed in sentence form.

Now next doubt is in mind, if some of the information is not available then what...?

If your study is research article you will have all the information. You will have answer for all or may be not applicable. You can skip mentioning Not applicable part.

Second point is, if you are with review article. In such condition you may not have all information mentioned above. In that case "should we skip methodology ?"

Ans is Big NO.

While reviewing also, you followed some methodology. You followed some procedures.

Mention that. Review methodology can include

  1. Keywords you used to search or collect article

  2. Websites/server/depositories from where you accessed data

  3. How you filtered articles

  4. How many articles you downloaded from that how many you reviewed.

and so on....

In a way it will not wrong to say that methodology is part of article which puts your standard operating procedure in word form.

It will convince the reader that you really worked hard and in correct direction to get something new.

So while writing methodology explain how you executed your study plan or procedure.

Next is Result ..... will see that in next article.

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