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Article Writing#2 : First step to write any scientific article ?

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Scientific article is a type of document which represents or you can say advocates your research or review work. So proper designing of articles is an important factor for the proper delivery of your findings or intervention.

Now the biggest challenge is how to design an article, to deliver our ideas in the best way.

As this document is a crucial part of our research so does it become important to start it seriously and properly with full concentration of facts and topic.

Is it so ??? 🤔🙄

I will say No.... Wait .... Don't get relaxed with No.😅

There are two terms in my previous query.... Seriously and Properly..... I will say be serious but need not to struggle to get proper in your first writing attempt.

So the next query is what should be the proper algorithm or we can say process to write an article.

Lets have step-wise journey :

  1. Make a list of keywords of your research and review.

  2. Then have a search on those keywords.

  3. Collect all the articles related to those keywords ( even if the article is outside of your study area. concentrate on the keywords you listed. )

  4. Read the introduction part of articles you collected. ( This will help you to frame your introduction. Remember : In scientific world COPY PASTE is equivalent to the murder of someone.)

  5. Frame your sentence, as per your understanding and write that in a document. Below that, write the referred article's reference with an internet link if available. Repeat this for each and every article in which you get some points related to your keywords. ( Remember still I am advocating Keyword not your area of research. )

  6. Once you are ready with your document mentioned in point 5. Now sit and have a fast read of all statements you framed.

  7. Mark statements as more relevant (MR) , less relevant (LR), relevant (R) and non relevant (NR) as per the requirement of your research work.

  8. Arrange them in order MR then LR then R then R.

  9. Now hold the part of MR - Read the all MR and check which should be first and which should be next... You have to arrange all in such a way that you should be able to connect them in proper sequence. Like if some interventions are there then it should be in progressive way or if some policies are discussed it should be in order Old to New in terms of policy dates... and so on... ( Have a query ... Put your query )

  10. Repeat the same as mentioned in step 9 for all LR and R . Do not break your head on grammar at this stage. Just concentrate on your ideas and presentation of the data.

  11. NR should be used as filler if you don't get enough data ( in your MR, LR and R) for introduction. But in this also the same method should be followed.

  12. Once you are ready with this then mark (cite) all the references. List all the references at the end of the introduction document.

Hurreeyyy !!! Your introduction draft is ready.

At the initial stage your introduction should be of at-least 3 to 5 pages ( font size 12, with 1 space ). Don't worry i will guide you how to cut it 😀.

In the next article I will be back with the next part of the article. Till that time, if you are writing any article then start writing as I progress here. You have 2 days time. 😃

Feel free to put your query on

Have a good time .

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