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Article Writing#1 : What should be done first ?

Dear professionals,

Always to start something , we get question - From where we should start ? or How we should start ? What should be first and what should be our ladder to achieve our goal?

Same thing we face when we start article writing. A survey conducted by CHEARS in its telegram channel ( ) revealed that 68% people feel that Abstract should be ready before article , while 14 % are in favor of full article (rest all are 7% for each, summary and anyone while 4% have voted none of the above. )

Now the question is - What should be taken first ?

Abstract is first part of article so is it first part to be framed while writing article.? Even polling also supports that.

Before I answer it , it is important to get an intro of Abstract.

Abstract is a segment of article which presents the glimpses of article. For what it is, how it is done, what all found during study and what is conclusion. It has all in summarized manner.

Now its time to ask, When can you write a summary ?

Answer is .. Only if we know the detailed information about it.

That means before writing Abstract I should have detailed information about article.

And that is possible only if we have prepared full article in the perfect way.

And so the answer of above query will be that Abstract should be written after completion of article. First job is to complete full article.

Now next question is how to start writing an article body ? Answer will be in next post...😜

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