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Article Writing#4 : Result represents your findings

In previous few articles we realized that each and every part of the article have some special feature and each part has its own way of representation.

We saw Introduction is glance of the topic you are going to intervein and methodology is your plan how you are going to execute, now we will see the Result.

Result as itself suggests, it is representation of your practical work, It is representation of the findings. Result will tell reader how vast your study was.

Result should have following features :

  1. Result should be, just explanation of your findings. It should have purely your finding.

  2. This section should have all the graphs and tables.

  3. This section should not contain data from any other studies ( Research Article ).

While writing article, you should keep in mind that tables are preferred over graphs. Graphs are good for visualization but for better understanding and clear representation of data tables are preferred.

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